Bureau of Mysteries

"Bureau of Mysteries combines jeopardy, narrow escapes, humour, plot twists and buckets of imagination in a rollicking ride that never seems to pause for breath. Highly recommended for ages 8 to 12 years."

-David Witt, Sydney's Child

Strange things happen in Little Obscurity - but the Bureau Of Mysteries is always there to investigate.

Bureau of Mysteries is for independent readers who enjoy books about secret societies, dastardly villains and mechanical contraptions. Each book is packed full of codes and puzzles to solve.

If you have a bright reader who is looking for an exciting book that's a bit out of the ordinary, check out the Bureau of Mysteries!

Bureau of Mysteries

In the bustling city of Little Obscurity, George Feather lives a fairly uneventful life. That is, until he falls down a chimney and discovers the Bureau Of Mysteries, an eccentric group of investigators and codebreakers who live in between the floors of the Brass Castle Hotel. After learning that evil Clockwork Octopus Society are planning to wreak havoc on Little Obscurity, George is quickly recruited to help track the villains down. Along with his partner, Imp, George follows the trails of evidence and cracks the codes that each of their suspects leave behind.

Chased by swarms of mechanical insects, overcome by horrible smells and trapped in train tunnels, George and Imp have a gigantic task ahead of them. Will they be able to solve all of the cryptic clues in time to save the city?

Bureau Of Mysteries is jam-packed with exciting action scenes, hilarious characters and fun puzzles and codes to solve.

Bureau of Mysteries and the Mechanomancers 

Obscuria is in trouble! Join the Bureau Of Mysteries as they puzzle their way out of a Mechanomancer disaster.

George and Imp are back, this time alongside the adventurer Lord Periwinkle Tinkerton and his moody assistant, Lexica Quill. Together, they must battle the crafty Mechanomancers, ancient spirits that meld magic and technology to wreak havoc.

Fighting mechanical bulls, getting trapped in sewage dungeons with monster worms and confronting overgrown plant monsters, the team faces their biggest challenge yet.

And, as always, there are codes to crack and riddles along the way!


"I liked this book because of its funny illustrations and funny characters. Rating: 9 out of 10!!" - Louis, Age 10, Home for Bookworms

"This book is a little like James Bond meets Oliver Twist. It has the added attraction of coded messages that need to be deciphered, allowing a genuine interaction with the story and exposing young readers to Morse, Cuckoo, Hex and Parrot codes (to name but a few)." - Evie Marshall, Bookseller+Publisher

"I’m such a sucker for a good mystery book, and this one was so much fun!" - Total Girl

"Harper's book is filled with wordplay, suspense and challenges for readers aged eight to 12." - Troy Lennon, Daily Telegraph

"Harper employs some delightful word play particularly with puns, which could prove a useful springboard for teachers. Student readers will delight in the codes and cryptograms incorporated into the text as well as Nahum Ziersch's illustrations of the various characters. This is a really fun interactive read that would be particularly enjoyed by boys of about 8-11 years." - Sue Warren, Teacher-Librarian, Random House website.