Star League

“Written in a fast-paced, energetic style, Star League is an ideal series for hesitant readers, especially boys.” 

- Natalie Crawford, Bookseller + Publisher

An action movie star, a werewolf, a ninja, a zombie, a werewolf and an animancer work together to fight their arch-enemy - Professor Pestilence!

Star League is a series of 8 chapter books for readers 7 and up. Each book in the series is told from a different character's point of view, and can be read in any order (apart from books 7 & 8, which are a two-part cliffhanger).

If you have a reluctant reader who thinks reading is boring, the action-packed Star League series will make them change their tune!


"It features plenty of intrigue, fight scenes and evil villains, all presented in a slick narrative style, interspersed with Manga-style illustrations that should also appeal to this demographic. Star League will add another burst of energy to the “tween” reader field; the titles are sure to be a hit with parents and young readers, and educators will be happy to have another resource to hand."
-Natalie Crawford Bookseller + Publisher, May 2011

"How’s this for a kick-butt cast? A movie star, werewolf, ninja and robot all feature in this action series!
In book one, Jay auditions for his fave flick, only to discover that the auditions seem to require more action than acting. Could Ben Beaumont really be asking the rookie to head the crime-fighting Star League team? Lights, camera… chaos!"
-K Zone Magazine

"I am loving this series – it’s a lot of fun, is suited to either gender (though I think they would go down especially well with reluctant boy readers). Also, the graphic-novel style illustrations from Nahum Ziersch are brilliant and nicely compliment Harper’s energetic writing style."

"There are lots of good books for boys but these work especially well for Finn. First of all, they are both action packed and quite funny. Secondly, the chapter are always short and end of a compelling cliff hanging. And these cliff hangers leave him literally begging for another chapter. I also quite enjoy reading them, which helps. So if you’ve got some crazy kids in your live who could do with a good book, keep these in mind."
-Mark O’Meara,

"If you’re having trouble getting the little boy in your life into books this series is definitely worth a try. The text isn’t too large so children aged 8+ who are reluctant / hesitant readers won’t feel like they’re reading a “baby’s book”. Each book starts off with a bang, in fact the whole book is action packed and fast paced."
-Enchanted by Books,

"This is an interesting concept. There are four books to date so far in this series, and in each of the books, a different character takes the starring role with Jay, the young movie star as overall leader; his task is to lead the other candidates, a werewolf, a ninja, a robot and an animancer to form a crime fighting syndicate. The language in the first book, Lights, Camera, Action Hero, is quite simple: the stories are told in the present tense, the font is very clear, and there are lots of cartoon style drawings. All of these features makes this series attractive to young readers, mostly boys, and will encourage them to read more than one book."
- Janet Croft,

"Star League is a new series for younger readers. It’s fresh, engaging and filled with little comic illustrations. Lights, Camera, Action Hero focuses on the leader, Jay Casey. He’s a child version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, doing action films since he was in nappies.... Once kids finish this book, they’ll be hungry for more. Star League is recommended for ages 8 and up."
-Oliver Phommavanh,

"Touching on the lives of a movie star, a werewolf, a ninja, a zombie, an animancer and a robot, H. J. Harper’s Star League series has a finger in the pie of many popular genres. Adding to this impressive list of intriguing character profiles, the protagonists (who take turns narrating different volumes of the series), are around 12 years old, making them easy for young readers to relate to. Despite their special powers, each of the kids has their own assortment of schoolyard and personal problems to come to terms with (another common thread with which to link characters and readers). Without preaching too loudly this collection of stories teach some good values and life lessons about friendship, cooperation, loyalty, respect, responsibility and not taking everything at face value.
The books provide a relatively light introduction to various aspects of Fantasy, with a vocabulary and short chapter layout suitable for children just breaking into chapter books. There’s more than enough action to captivate readers with attention spans that are, shall we say, vertically challenged. And for those who aren’t reeled in by the action there’s always the laughs (and the great thing about groanworthy puns is that – to a young audience – they’re mostly new material, and get genuine laughs). H. J. Harper packs the puns in just the way kids like them: fast, frequent and funny. A good, yet subtle, bit of tuition in the practical application of tools of the writing trade (such as homophones), for kids who might like to get into writing themselves.
Feedback from our resident 8 year old critic included a double thumbs up (on account of his mouth being full at the time), followed by “Awesome!” In fact his only beef with these stories was that the illustrations mostly preceded the corresponding action scenes in the text. But he soon got over that."